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What is SMC compression moulding?

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In SMC compression moulding, they are cut into small pieces, and heat and pressure are applied to them by a hydraulic press to create anything from simple designs to complex parts. Cycle time is around 1-5 minutes, but depends on the size and thickness of SMC parts.

(1) SMC moulding temperature

Compression moulding temperature depends on the curing system of the resin paste, the thickness of the SMC product and the complexity of the structure. If the thickness of a product is 25 ~ 32mm, its moulding temperature is 135-145 ℃. And thinner products can be formed at 171 ℃. The moulding temperature should be selected between the highest curing speed and the best moulding conditions. It is generally believed that the SMC moulding temperature is between 120-155 ° C.

(2) SMC moulding pressure

SMC moulding pressure is determined by product structure, shape, size and smc material formula. Simple shape SMC products only need 5-7mpa moulding pressure; complex shape products, moulding pressure can reach 7-15mpa. The determination of compression moulding pressure should consider many factors. Generally speaking, smc moulding pressure is between 3-7mpa.

(3) Curing time

SMC curing time (also called holding time) is related to its material characteristics, moulding temperature, product thickness and color and other factors. The curing time is generally calculated at 40s / mm. For thick products above 3mm, for every increase of 4mm, the curing time increases by 1min.


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