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What is SMC process?

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The production method of SMC ensures the complete bonding of fibres and resins. The top and bottom of the material are wrapped with polyethylene or nylon plastic film to prevent self-adhesion. The resin is spread evenly on the film in a pasty form; next, the glass fibres are cut and added to the paste. The substance is then squeezed between two film layers and rolled to a predetermined thickness. SMC must be stored for 48 hours before being sold or used.

SMC sheet: The sheet material prepared by the extrusion of unsaturated polyester resin glass fiber filler thickener is called SMC sheet, also known as sheet film. Plastic SMC is divided into three types:

SMC-R: Random fiber sheet moulding compound. The length of glass fiber is generally less than 5cm, and the distribution in the resin is random. The number after R indicates the content of glass fiber, for example, SMC-R50 indicates that the content of glass fiber is 50%.

SMC-C: Continuous glass fiber sheet moulding compound. The reinforcing material in plastics is continuous long glass fibers arranged in a certain direction. The moulding fluidity in the direction of the plastic fiber is small, and the mechanical strength is high.

SMC-D: oriented glass fiber sheet moulding compound. Reinforcement materials in plastics are non-continuous glass fibers with a length of more than 10 cm arranged in a certain direction. Since the fibers are not continuous, the moulding fluidity along the fiber arrangement direction is improved.

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